Treating Chronic Neck Pain

Given that the average human head weighs the same as a bowling ball (~11 lbs), it’s not surprising that neck pain impacts about 1 in every 3 adults annually & has only risen with increasing technology adoption & poor posture. Symptoms including pain, lack of mobility, & headaches can worsen without proper intervention.

Conditions we commonly treat in this region of the body include cervical disc injuries, nerve entrapments, muscle spasms, & osteoarthritis.

Our average patient has struggled with pain for more than 6 months & may have visited 2 or more other providers seeking relief. They may even be considering expensive, risky surgery in a last-ditch effort to put an end to their discomfort.

Adhesion Release Therapy

With adhesion release, pressure and tension is strategically applied while certain parts of the body are manipulated in order to break up adhesions, allowing the body to heal & rebuild mobility.

Adhesion Release Therapy is all-natural, non-invasive, & can act as a risk-free alternative to painful, expensive surgeries.

Established Patients

One on one visit options with your therapist to help decrease pain, restore movement and function.

Zac Breedlove


New Patients Start Here

The first step in our process is to schedule a complimentary consutlation with the provider to discuss the details of your pain before scheduling the exam.

Zac Breedlove