Manual Adhesion Release

Manual adhesion release is a hands-on technique that involves applying targeted depth and tension to break down adhesions, promoting pain relief and improved mobility. By locating the adhesion, tensioning the adhesion with our thumb or index finger, and stretching the tissue, we can use shear force to remove the adhesion. This requires a tremendous amount of precision and anatomical knowledge. 5-7 pounds of force must be applied to the adhesion to adequately tear it off. ‍Imagine there’s a piece of dried bubble gum on a rubber band. In order to remove the gum, you’d place your thumb against it and stretch the rubber band under it, shearing the piece of gum off. Manual adhesion release is just one of the methods we use to fix the pain you have been experiencing

Instrument Adhesion Release

When adhesion is close to the surface of the skin, we can utilize a titanium instrument to scrape the adhesion away. We also use instrument adhesion release to promote blood flow to chronically under-perfused tissues like tendons.

‍Imagine burning a piece of toast. Instead of wasting the bread, you can simply take the butter knife, scrape off the char, and it’s as good as new.

Lifestyle Advice (Load Management)

At our clinic, we understand that managing pain isn't just about treatments; it's about lifestyle choices too. Many visit us for specific pain issues like back, knee, shoulder, or neck pain. Our approach goes beyond addressing these symptoms. We partner with you to transform your daily habits for better health.

Our experienced team offers personalized coaching, guiding you on activities to avoid or modify, ensuring your lifestyle supports your healing journey. Whether it's tweaking your exercise routine or altering daily tasks, we're here to help you make choices that prevent further pain and foster long-term well-being.

Corrective Exercise

Embark on a path to recovery with our custom-designed corrective exercise programs at Resolve Soft Tissue & Spine. We're dedicated to teaching you specific exercises that target and alleviate the root causes of your pain. Our unique approach includes exercises that you can easily integrate into your daily routine at home, enhancing the effectiveness of your overall treatment plan.


Established Patients

One on one visit options with your therapist to help decrease pain, restore movement and function.

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The first step in our process is to schedule a complimentary consutlation with the provider to discuss the details of your pain before scheduling the exam.

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